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Acknowlwdgement - Prescot Roll of Honour


The pictures contained within this web site, and much of the supporting information such as war diaries, unit histories, etc., have mainly been provided by the Pals of the Great War Forum. Their names are listed below and I hope that none have been missed, although I am happy to make any requested corrections.

I must especially thank Aurel Sercu who provided me with the first of my headstone pictures after I started this research. Seeing them made me realise that the work should be undertaken. And a special thank you to Hans Lesage who provided many, many high quality pictures for me when I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t get any more. Receipt of those pictures “kick started” my research when I was flagging a little.


Joe Devereaux Marnik Vanderper
Adrian Wright Stephen Mawdlsey
Ken Lees Ann & Martin Harvey
Alan Curragh Roy Sellstrom
Gareth Morgan Max McEvoy
Andrew Johnson Russ Gore
Chris Baker Michel Knockaert
Andy Pay Sabine Declerq
John Hartley Mick Brand
Anthony Bagshaw Scottie
Bill (Old Chap) Mike Booker
Aurel Sercu Steve Morse
Chris Collier Neil Mackenzie
Avalon Eastman TedSp
Andrew Hesketh Phil W
Chris Collier Tom (ww1_dale_boys)
Anthony Bagshaw Ralph (rjaydee)
Gary Nelson Tony Hogan
Herbert Eden Steven Broomfield
Geoff Allen Jim Smithson
John Robinson Dave O'Mara
Graham McAdam Peter Bennett
Mark Abbott Clive Alexander
Hans Lesage Phil (Blueblood)
John Yates Steve Eeles
Harry Fecitt Rian Wilmott
John Henry Paul Griffin
James Munden David Smith
Neville Walker Dave O'Mara
Jean-Francois le Compt Ponte Fractus (GWF)
Victoria Burbidge Kathy Donaldson
John Knight Dale Heighway
Ralph (rjaydee) Stephen Tuck
John Yates Michael Jack
Trevor Powell Phil W
Keith Fazzani Tom (ww1_dale_boys)
Paul Wyatt Ralph (rjaydee)
Liam Duggan Tony Hogan
Pierre Vandervelden Steven Broomfield
Marco Hoveling Jim Smithson
Revd. John Taylor Dave O'Mara
Sparky Peter Bennett
Steve Beeby Clive Alexander
Marnik Vanderper Phil (Blueblood)
Stephen Mawdlsey Steve Eeles
Ann & Martin Harvey Rian Wilmott
Roy Sellstrom Paul Griffin
Max McEvoy David Smith
Russ Gore Dave O'Mara
Michel Knockaert Ponte Fractus (GWF)
Sabine Declerq Kathy Donaldson
Mick Brand Dale Heighway
Scottie Stephen Tuck
Mike Booker Michael Jack
Steve Morse TedSp

Neil Mackenzie


Any omissions are purely accidental and the result of my (at times) poor record keeping


Much of the detailed information contained within this work is in the public domain, however the following acknowledgments are made.

  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission, for information on the casualties, the memorials and the cemeteries in their care

  • Naval and Military Press, for information contained within the "Soldiers Died in the Great War" publication

  • Prescot Reporter and other local publications for pictures of many of the men discussed

  • Knowsley Digital Archive, owners of the copyright of old pictures of the memorial

  • The National Archives for Census records and Medal Index Cards (MIC’s)

  • The Western Front Association, who provided scanned images of the MIC's

  • The Generations Network (owners of "Ancestry") for provision of Birth, Marriage and Death records

  • "Pals" of the Great War Forum at for helping with information on actions and general support

  • The assistance of John Yates of Prescot, grandson of Private 2842 John Yates of the South Lancashire Regiment, for the research into the Parish Magazine and BICC’s “Link” magazine during the war years, many extracts of which are included in this work.

Ownership and copyright is acknowledged where it could be determined. Any errors in this work are entirely the fault of the author and can be corrected upon request.

Much of the information for the actions of the men who served with the South Lancashire or King’s (Liverpool) Regiments was extracted and summarised from the following books:-

  • “Ich Dien – The Prince of Wales Volunteers”, by Captain H. Whalley-Kelly, p. Gale & Polden, Aldershot, 1935

  • “The History of the King’s Regiment (Liverpool), 1914-1919” by Edward Wyrall, p. 1935


(c) Stephen Nulty

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