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Local History and Old Images - Prescot Roll of Honour

Prescot Local History

On this page, I will post any images or links associated with Prescot of yesteryear. My intention is that all of these images should have a Great War link, but I am happy to include any which simply relate to the history of our old town

Clicking on any of the images will cause them to be enlarged

Please note that as these images were being copied and used without acknowledgment of the source, I have added watermarks. If you have a genuine use for these images and are prepared to acknowledge the source, then I will be happy to supply a copy without the watermark on request.

In addition to the items and articles below, why not have a look at the Newsletters on this page

Some downloadable files which you may find of interest

The 1914 Electoral Roll for Prescot

A Count by Surname of Burials in St Mary's Churchyard up until 1921

Church Street - a booklet about the 'recent' history of this street

An interesting link between Prescot and New Brighton

1922 Prescot Telephone Directory

1911 Census - List of Prescot men who worked at the Wire Works

1911 Census - List of Prescot men employed in the Coal Industry

1911 Census - Count of Surnames in Prescot

1911 Census - Enumerator's Summary Books

1901 Census - Full Transcription

For GWF Pals, the Essex Roll of Honour

1924 Kelly's Directory of Prescot

Prescot 1918 Commercial Directory

A picture of the Prescot Harriers from the Reporter, 21st April 1916

The above picture appeared in the Prescot Reporter on 21st April 1916 with the caption shown below

A group photo of Prescot Harriers who have also proved themselves patriots. Names:-

Corporal H. Abraham, R.E. (France);
Pte H. Cropper, 5th South Lancs (France);
Corporal T. Abraham, R.E. (France);
Pte. Fazackerley, 10th Liverpools (Scottish);
T. Deane (working on munitions);
W. Abraham (too young);
J. Tickle (working on munitions);
Pte. C. Neaves, Liverpool Pals (France);
H. N. Neaves (Royal Navy);
Q.M.S. M. Deane, 8th Liverpool (Irish);
Corpl. Wm. Knowles, R.E.;
Pte. F. Hands, 5th South Lancs (France);
Driver H. Tickle, R.F.A.(France);
Sergt. E. Greenall, 5th South Lancs (France);
Sergt. A. Wright, R.A.M.C. (France);
H. Kaye; J. Robinson; J. Finney and J. Jones (these last four all being too young or unfit).

Courtesy of John Hopkins, this picture shows the Royal Oak with Acre Mill and Houghton Street in the background. The year 1891 is visible on the Royal Oak, and Acres Mill was destroyed in 1907, so clearly the picture is between those dates

An interesting view of Prescot from the South. Dated around 1903, it was from George Hemingway's Prescot Directory of that year. I reckon it must have been taken from somewher in the region of the old Wire Mill, now part of the Retail Park

Another from John Hopkins collection, this shows the King leaving Prescot Station. I believe that this was around 1920 and he was heading to visit Lord Derby. Note the Imperial to the left and the old BI Buildings to the right, in addition to the crowds lining the route.

17th September 2012

Prescot Home Guard - 81st Battalion

I have been provided with two excellent pictures of the 81st Battalion (Prescot) of the Home Guard during the Second World War. The pictures are produced below. The pictures have been provided by Stephen Lewins of Morpeth, Northumberland, and both he and I are very keen to identify any of the men in either of the pictures. We are also keen to know the location where the pictures were taken. If you can help, please email me at and also email Stephen at

24th September 2012 - Update

Many thanks to those who contacted me about these pictures. All are agreed that the group picture is on the football pitch at the BI Sports Ground. Paul Nulty also advises that the stand was donated from Goodison Park !!. Most suggestions are the the meal picture was taken in the BI Dining Rooms but this has not yet been proven. The windows in the picture do not match those on other pictures of the building that I have.

22nd June 2015 - Update

Charles Ryan writes, '"I am interested in the local history of Prescot and was surprised to find that I have the same picture in my father's photo album. I recognise two people in the picture. Third row, 8th from the left, sat head and shoulders above the rest, I think his name was Mr Byatt, possibly John. He used to run the fish and chip shop in Kemble Street. Fourth row, thirteenth from the left, is Mr Moran, I seem to remember his first name as James. He used to live in the terraced houses in Kemble Street.

Both were friends of my father, Thomas Ryan, who ran the Bath Springs Hotel in Kemble Street from the early 1950's to the mid 1960's"

I am very grateful to Charles for this information.

Further suggestions are always welcome.

BI Men laying tramlines

Kindly provided by John Hopkins, this picture shows tram lines being laid, and in the background is a sign which reads "British Insulated & Helsby Cables Ltd, Electrical Engineers & Contractors, Prescot, Lancs". I;m not sure of the location or date. If you can shed any light on the picture, drop me a line at the email address on the Home Page

West End Villas

An image of West End Villas, c. 1900. Derby Street goes up to the to left and West Street to the right

The Day Shift, 1903

A picture from George Hemingway's 1903 Directory of Prescot, showing the Day Shift at the Wire Works

Old Soldiers

The image shown below is from John Hayes, the son of James Hayes. It shows James (centre) in St Ives, Cornwall in 1961. Along with him are Harold Gore (left) and Walter Orrett (right).
All three men are included on the site as "Also Served".

The Watch Factory

This image is from a directory of Prescot, dated 1903 and published by George Hemingway. It is an early image of the Watch Works and is probably from the early 1890's. Note that the usual "Prescot Watch Works" sign has not yet been painted on the wall and I believe that the white "rubble" in the centre left of the picture is the initial building of Albany Road. Interestingly, no other roads are visible

The Court Leet

Pictured in the mid-1920's, the gentlemen of the Court Leet are seen enjoying a drink outside the Deanes House. They are about to go to the Town Hall for the Perrying Ceremony

Old Prescot Football Teams

John Hayes has sent the following three pictures of football teams in Prescot early in the 20th Century. Can you identify any of the players, teams, the location or maybe the dates?

If so, drop me an email at

John's dad, James Hayes (See "Old Soldiers" above), is on the extreme right and Walter Orrett is to the left of the goal keeper

James Hayes is holding the ball, front and centre, with Walter Orrett immediately behind him. This looks like it may have been a school team, and it is known that James attended the Board School in Warrington Road

James is 3rd from the left in the back row, and Walter is 5th from the left


(c) Stephen Nulty

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